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Sedona Soul Adventures Presents Meeting The Masters podcast

Nov 17, 2020

Your breath has the power to spontaneously heal you from years of trauma, emotional blocks, physical ailments and deep spiritual wounds.  Our guest on this week’s Meeting the Masters is not only a Master Breath Work Practitioner, but also the leading voice in LGBTQ Spirituality.

Christian de la Huerta has been helping the LGBTQ community reclaim their spirituality since his landmark book, “Coming Out Spiritually” was published in 1999.  He shares how he rediscovered his own spiritual nature after giving up a desire to be a priest in coming to terms with his sexual orientation.

In this powerful interview, he talks about his TedTalk on the amazing power of breath work, Coming Out Spiritually, Fleeing Cuba under Castro, Sacred Travel and how to embrace your true power.

His new book, “Awakening The Soul Of Power” just came out and in it the nature of true authentic power and how we can harness this power for transformation in our lives.

Get the Book: Coming Out Spiritually

Get the Book: Awakening The Soul Of Power