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Sedona Soul Adventures Presents Meeting The Masters podcast

Mar 9, 2021

If you’re a survivor or trauma yoga could play a key role in your healing. But not all Yoga. The pumping and jumping of modern yoga and some hot yoga could make things worse.

Soulwork Founder, Adi Shakti trains yoga instructors and spiritual healers from around the world in her Costa Rican Ashram. She says if you’re a trauma survivor you want to be careful about the type of yoga you select and the training of the instructor.

Shye say that instructors trained to be trauma sensitive will know how to help you use Yoga to calm and reset the nervous system. Yoga has the power to release and heal trauma so long as the teacher is educated and has done her or his own healing work.

Adi Shakti shares her passion for social justice, her humanitarian work, and how she’s using yoga to heal the world in this inspirational interview.

SoulWork offers 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings, 60-Hour Trauma Informed Teacher Trainings, Trauma Sensitive SoulWorker Certifications, Silent Detox Retreats, Fitness Retreats, and an Online Academy.

To learn more about Adi Shakti, watch her new movie "SoulWork: the Film."