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Sedona Soul Adventures Presents Meeting The Masters podcast

Dec 1, 2020

There’s an empowering easy solution to insomnia that will dramatically improve your entire life. 

Dr. Dyan Haspel-Johnson, a Psychologist and Hypnotherapist, shares a simple technique that ended her own insomnia and has helped thousands of people to do the same.

Hypnosis changes your brain and can even change the way your genes express themselves.  Dr. Haspel-Johnson has found a way to use the power of hypnosis to help improve your sleep, your health, your relationships and every part of your life.  

Connecting your conscious mind with your unconscious mind helps you take control of what happens when you are sleeping.  The end result is a dramatically better life.

Dr. Dyan Haspel-Johnson’s unique process is available at a special rate for Meeting the Masters' followers.  If you use this link, not only do you receive a discount, but you also help support our work here at Sedona Soul Adventures.

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