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Sedona Soul Adventures Presents Meeting The Masters podcast

Nov 10, 2020

Relationship Guru and Author Dr. John Gray returns to the Meeting The Masters Series for a deeper look at Men, Women, Relationships and life under chronic stress.  

He tells host Debra Stangl why her book, “The Journey To Happy, How Embracing The Concept That Nothing is wrong Can Transform Your Life”,  is among his favorites.

He talks about something he calls “The Medusa Effect” and how women are unknowingly turning the men they love into stone and what men can do to stop this.

In this conversation, Dr. Gray shares insights from his new book, “Beyond Mars and Venus” and dives into how all of our addictions and many of our problems in relationships come from hormone imbalances.  

Dr. Gray’s work like our Sedona Soul Adventures is about learning to love yourself so then you can truly love your partner.

This is a must listen to conversation for anyone in need of a harmonious happy relationship.

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