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Sedona Soul Adventures Presents Meeting The Masters podcast

Dec 8, 2020

Imagine finding yourself on a space craft far above the earth being subjected to probes both physical and mental.  Or in the middle of a coaching session having a choir of voices enter your mind and take over your work.  Or spotting a UFO in the sky then remembering a contract to channel a being from another planet to bring his knowledge to mankind.  Or just doing yoga in the park one day and everyone turns into amazing orbs of light.

These are the real life stories that brought our masters to their spiritual paths and forever changed their lives.  In this special episode edition of Meeting the Masters, we share stories from four different masters that are spellbinding and inspiring at the same time. 

Renowned life Coach Christy Whitman shares how “The Council” just showed up one day during a coaching session and she experienced a spontaneous channeling of information.  Chisty offers a free program to our listeners, “Watch Your Words,” to help you use words that create a better reality. 

Daryl Anka, known worldwide as an amazing Channel, shares how Bashar, an extraterrestrial entity, came into his life.  It all began with a UFO sighting nearly 45 years ago.  Daryl’s new book, "The Masters of Limitation: An ET’s Observations of Earth" is now available. 

Angel B Hartwell, host of the wildly popular podcast “Wickedly Smart Women,” shares how an encounter with “The Light” transformed her life and started her down an incredible spiritual path.  Here is her free wealthy life quiz

Kristi Pederson is a renowned Medium who has come out as an Alien Abductee and shares her sometimes terrifying encounters with extraterrestrials.  Kristi shares more in her new book  “We Are Not Alone.  My Extraterrestrial Contact”.